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This page has a list of links that may be useful to you. Some of them are affiliate links that
earn money for bentleys of york, others are simply good web sites or quality providers

Free, yes, really free(!) Office Suite. Similar in look & feel to older Microsoft Office but with plenty of functionality
and all the programs you should need. What's the catch? You have to download it yourself, that is the only catch. I have been using this
personally for years watching it get better. Comes complete with a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation package, database, and assorted other
supporting applications (including a maths formula editor), all at a price you can afford!
Obviously you are encouraged to contribute, but there is no obligation.


Plusnet are an excellent, value for money ISP (internet service provider). Used to be independent, but now a subsidiary of BT:
Paying too much for broadband? Move to PlusNet broadband and save s. Free setup now available - terms apply. PlusNet broadband.

Everybody who uses the internet needs Anti Malware software (virus scanners etc). There are plenty to choose from, and some that offer excellent
value for money for personal use, especially as they are FREE !
Avira (Very good but currently doesn't scan downloaded emails in the free version)
Avast (good quality and with email scanning)
To complement the Anti Malware you can also add a firewall on the computer (to replace the 'just adequate' Windows firewall):
Comodo (relative newcomer, but good firewall - don't recommend the anti-virus side as yet, if you are getting this, just install the firewall.)
Please always read the licence agreement for whichever program you choose, some are only free for personal use. Other programs are available (also free) along with a raft of paid for versions (see below) for those who don't qualify for a free licence.

Kaspersky anti-virus solutions, good value for money product. For commercial use or for people who want all the "bells & whistles" - click the link below to purchase:
UK New Product Launch - Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011.

Site that has excellent impartial, money saving tips and advice. You may have heard Martin Lewis on the radio or TV, here is his website:
Money Saving Expert - Martin Lewis

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